Translation: German to English

With a formal education in visual arts, Steph has translated a lot of catalogues for museums and galleries, working on the 2010 Beuys catalogue for K20 in Düsseldorf for instance. Equally, with a formal education in visual arts, an additional qualification in language skills beckoned; in 2005 he acquired the Institute of Linguists’ Diploma in Translation. He went on to teach other students preparing for this exam. His non-fiction translation work has included music, theatre (the splendid Theater Anu), history, journalism and dance (Norbert Servos’ book on Pina Bausch), and ranges from academic essays to press material and performance texts.

Translating literature is his main focus however: poetry, drama and prose fiction. You can read some of his literary translations on sites like Actually there is no site like no-mans-land; it’s a unique showcase for German literature in English translation! Steph has translated extracts from books by Iris Hanika, Tino Hanekamp, Marlene Streeruwitz, Eleonore Frey and Götz Aly as well as short fiction by Feridun Zaimoglu and Antonio Fian, and a long term project is the translation of Brigitte Reimann's diaries. Steph's translation of The last Weynfeldt by Martin Suter will be published by New Vessel Press in February 2016. Review copies are already available.

Due to the lack of demand for literary translation into English Steph became involved in moves to effect change. In March 2011 he was invited by the Goethe Institute to join a group of northern European translators out of German on a reconnaissance mission to the Leipzig book fair. he also translates for and works with New Books in German, a project to raise awareness of German literature in the English-language publishing world; see this article on the Aufbauhaus, or this interview with Kristof Magnusson.  And if you like German books, you should read Katy’s blog.

From October to December 2014 Steph was Translator in Residence at the Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium, Straelen.

Mehr Beispiele und Informationen zu Stephs Arbeit als Übersetzer finden Sie im Verzeichnis des Übersetzercolloquiums, das am LCB, Berlins schönsten Treffpunkt für Literaten – angesiegelt ist.

Steph ist aktives Mitglied im VdÜ und unterstützt die Arbeit dieses Verbandes. Zudem besucht er regelmäßig – auch als Stipendiat – das Europäische Übersetzer-Kollegium Straelen, ein wichtiges Projekt, das ihm sehr am Herzen liegt. Im Herbst 2014 war er dort TIR.